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Stage6 is a video sharing website first launched by DivX, Inc. in 2006 and currently in public beta. It is similar to sites like YouTube in allowing streaming video to be uploaded freely by anyone who is willing to register. Significant differences between Stage6 and other sites include better quality video through use of higher resolutions up to 1080p, few upload limitations, and the option to download media directly through the website or the DivX Web Player without the need to install browser extensions.

Unlike most video sharing websites, Stage6 requires the installation of the DivX Web Player to view videos. Since the DivX Web Player is designed specifically for viewing videos, streaming of extremely high quality, high resolution videos is made possible with low CPU overhead. The DivX content uploader is also bundled with the Web Player, enabling users to upload Stage6 compliant videos via web browser.

Stage6 accepts DivX or Xvid encoded files up to 1080p60. Under certain circumstances, Stage6 will reject encoded videos with unsupported audio formats. Upload file size limit for a video is under 2 Gigabytes.

On July 24th 2007 DivX, Inc. announced that it would be seeking to separate Stage6 as a company from the rest of DivX, Inc.. Co-Founder and Executive Chairman Jordan Greenhall will be switching from his current role as CEO to manage the separating Stage6, which, if successful, is expected to be completed later in 2007.

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