16 Temmuz 2007 Pazartesi

Sony PSP slimmer & lighter

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t3.co.uk review

The PSP Slim & Lite has landed. About to chuck out your original
and rush to the shops? Whoa there, fella. Let us give you the lowdown.
We’re looking at a revamp, rather than the PSP reborn.

it’s 5mm thinner and 3mm shorter than the original, with a similar
build, but it’s still a touch too big to fit in your pocket. The
4.3-inch screen is still fantastic, but that’s because it’s the same
4.3-inch screen from the original.


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machinecity dedi ki...

I have a PSP 1004 Ceramic White. Great multimedia device.

Now amazon.com accepts pre-orders for PSP 2000. It costs $170...

machinecity dedi ki...

Sony PSP 2000 disassembled.