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Uzak (2002)

Uzak (Distant) The Guardian

Uzak NBC Film

Uzak IMDb (7,6 out of 10)

If ever a film was composed in a minor key, it is this beautiful and sad movie from the Turkish director Nuri Bilge Ceylan, which simply floats like a helium balloon above the middling mainstreamers that have rolled up this week. It attains a clarity and simplicity that lesser film-makers could strain every sinew trying to achieve without ever getting anywhere. To Ceylan, these things are as easy as breathing. Uzak is about loneliness and depression, and particularly the kind of depression suffered by men of a certain age who would cut their tongues out rather than admit they are depressed.

Yet the film itself is, gloriously, the opposite of depressing. It is gentle and deeply humane, and even ventures into an arena of delicate visual comedy with a shy adroitness that Woody Allen might admire. Watching it is like taking a deep draught of cold, clear water. The fact that one of its actors, Mehmet Emin Toprak, died shortly after filming only increases its piquant quality.

Uzak means "distant": an idea whose metaphorical significance matches, though without outstripping, the more obvious sense of physical distance and estrangement. The movie actually forms the third of what could be thought of as a trilogy of autobiographical movies from Ceylan, the first two being The Small Town (1998) and Clouds of May (1999), works which use the director's own friends and family and hometown locations. (The Guardian; Peter Bradshaw)

Awards (International)

2003 - Cannes Film Festival

· Grand Prix du Jury

· Best Actor

(Muzaffer Özdemir and Mehmet Emin Toprak)

2003 - Cinemaya Film Festival, India

· Best Film

2003 - FIPRESCI Grand Prix

for Best Film of the year

2003 - Cinemanila Film Festival, Philippines

· Grand Prize for Best Film

(Lino Brocka Award)

2003 - Film Camera Festival


· Special Jury Prize (as DoP)

2003 - Mid East Film Festival, Beirut

· Best Film

· Best Screenplay

2003 - Chicago Film Festival, USA

· Silver Hugo

2003 - Montpellier Film Festival, France

· Golden Antigone (for Best Film)

· Critics' Prize

2003 - Black Nights Film Festival, Estonia

· Estonian Critics' Prize

2004 - Trieste Film Festival, Italy

· Premio Trieste (for Best Film)

2004 - Film Festival of Mexico City

· Best Director

· Best Cinematography

2004 - Singapore International Film Festival

· Best Film

· Best Director

· Best Actor (Mehmet Emin Toprak)

2004 - Awards of Radio 'France Culture'

· Best Director of the year

2004 - Durban Int. Film Festival, South Africa

· Special Jury Prize

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