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SGI Crimson

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The IRIS Crimson is an older Silicon Graphics (SGI) system released in the early 1990s. It was the world's first 64-bit workstation.

Crimson was a member of Silicon Graphics's IRIS 4D series of deskside systems; it was also known as the 4D/510 workstation. It was similar to other SGI IRIS 4D deskside workstations, and could utilise a wide range of graphics options (up to RealityEngine). It was also available as a file server with no graphics. This machine was made famous with its brief cameo in the movie Jurassic Park where the granddaughter of Hammond, Lex, was using the machine to navigate the filesystem in 3D on IRIX 4.0 using the IRIX application FSN in order to restore power to the compound. The year following the film's release, Silicon Graphics released a rebadged, limited edition Crimson R4400/VGXT called the "Jurassic Classic", which included a special logo and featured SGI co-founder Jim Clark's signature on the drive door.


# Superpipelined MIPS 100MHz R4000 or 150MHz R4400 processor.

# Choice of seven high performance 3D graphics subsystems deliver performance and features to match any application.

# Up to 256MB memory and internal disk capacity up to 7.2GB, expandable to greater than 72GB using additional enclosures.

# High performance I/O subsystem includes four VME expansion slots, Ethernet and two SCSI channels with disk striping support.

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