7 Eylül 2007 Cuma

HP iPAQ 210 Enterprise PDA

HP iPAQ 210 Enterprise PDA Official


HP iPAQ 210 First Thoughts


* Processor: Marvell PXA310, 624 MHz
* ROM: 256MB
* RAM: 128MB for running applications
* Display: 4-inch VGA TFT with touch screen, portrait oriented
* Wireless LAN: IEEE 802.11b/g1
* Bluetooth: v2.0 with EDR1
* Connectors: 24-pin connector and Mini USB
* Battery: 2200 mAh
* Expansion: SDIO (high-capacity), CF
* Headphone jack: 3.5mm 4-pin
* Speaker: 2
* Microphone: 1
* Input: touch, stylus
* Buttons: 5-way navigation with press to activate, 4 programmable, voice recorder, power, reset
* LED: 8
* Operating System: Windows Mobile® 6 Classic Edition

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machinecity dedi ki...

I have had Asus MyPAL A730w once. I like PDAs but not the ones that call or take pictures...

it is a "pure" PDA and it has cool features... maybe it needs more ROM & RAM...