26 Eylül 2007 Çarşamba


The Silicon Graphics O2 (codename "Moosehead") is as an entry level workstation the successor to the Indy line of desktop workstations. It doesn't have the various graphics options that other Silicon Graphics machines have but it comes with built in graphics and support for more advanced digital media solutions (audio and video). The Silicon Graphics O2+ extends and updates the original O2 series from 1996, but offers no change in the underlying architecture.


1996, October: Introduction of O2 family
1998, February: Dual display solution announced
1998, May: 250 MHz R10000 processor introduced for O2 series
1998, July: 225 MHz R10000 processor replaces 175/195 systems
1999, April: 270 and 300 MHz R10000 processors announced. Standard system configurations enhanced.
1999, July: Availability of QED RM5200 processor running at 300 MHz announced
2000, July: New processor: 400 Mhz R12000A with 2MB secondary cache
2001, August: O2+ announced at SIGGRAPH 2001 in Los Angeles, California
2002, May: End of Production (EOP) announced for O2 and O2+
2002, October: O2 and O2+ have disappeared from the SGI website

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