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Tenhi Official

Tenhi is a Finnish band formed in 1996, playing melancholic, neofolk music. The word tenhi is an old Finnish word meaning a village elder, wise old man or seer.

The music of Tenhi is minimalistic and dark. Usually, the rhythm instrument lines follow the customs of modern rock music. The melodical instruments and vocals are however very heavily folk-influenced. The basic instrumentarium of the band consists of acoustic guitar, bass and drums. Frequent additional instruments include piano, violin, viola and flute and less frequent didgeridoo, mouth harp, harmonium, cello, udu and synthesizer.



* Tyko Saarikko - vocals, piano, harmonium, synth, guitar, percussions, didgeridoo, mouth harp, udu
* Ilmari Issakainen - drums, piano, guitar, bass, percussions, backing vocals
* Ilkka Salminen - vocals, guitar, bass, harmonium, percussions

The corecrew writes all the material and is in charge of the cover artwork as well.

Additional/session musicians

* Inka Eerola - violin
* Janina Lehto - flute
* Jaakko Hilppö - backing vocals, live bass
* Tuukka Tolvanen - backing vocals, live guitar
* Paula Rantamäki - live violin in 2007
* Eleonora Lundell - violin, viola (1998-2001)
* Veera Partanen - flute (1999-2000)
* Kirsikka Wiik - cello (on the Väre album)


* Kertomuksia (demo, 1997)
* Hallavedet (mcd, 1998)
* Kauan (CD, 1999)
* Airut:ciwi (mcd, 2000)
* Väre (CD, 2002)
* Maaäet (CD, 2006)
* Airut:aamujen (CD, 2006)
* Folk Aesthetic 1996-2006 (3CD in book format, 2007)

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