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#define OEM_FLASH_PARAMETER_GUID 0A0C7E46-3399-4021-90C8-FA6D389C4BA2

msdn exFAT

msdn TFAT Overview

Extended file allocation table (exFAT) is a new file system that is better adapted to the growing needs of mobile personal storage. The exFAT file system not only handles large files, such as those used for media storage, it enables seamless interoperability between desktop PCs and devices such as portable media devices so that files can easily be copied between desktop and device. In addition, exFAT can be adopted with minimal effort. The exFAT file system encapsulates standard FAT and TFAT functionality.

# Enables the file system to handle growing capacities in media, increasing capacity to 32 GB and larger.
# Handles more than 1000 files in a single directory.
# Speeds up storage allocation processes.
# Removes the previous file size limit of 4 GB.
# Supports interoperability with future desktop OSs.
# Provides an extensible format, including OEM-definable parameters to customize the file system for specific device characteristics.

GUID OemParameterType; //Value is OEM_FLASH_PARAMETER_GUID
UINT32 EraseBlockSize; //Erase block size in bytes
UINT32 PageSize;
UINT32 NumberOfSpareBlocks;
UINT32 tRandomAccess; //Random Access Time in nanoseconds
UINT32 tProgram; //Program time in nanoseconds
UINT32 tReadCycle; // Serial read cycle time in nanoseconds
UINT32 tWriteCycle; // Write Cycle time in nanoseconds
UCHAR Reserved[4];

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