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NVIDIA Tesla (518 Gigaflops per GPU)

NVIDIA® Tesla™ high performance computing (HPC) solutions arm scientists, engineers and other technical professionals with the power to solve previously unsolvable problems. A dedicated, high performance GPU computing solution, Tesla brings supercomputing power to any workstation or server and to standard, CPU-based server clusters.

C for the GPU

The world's only C-language development environment for the GPU, the NVIDIA® CUDA™ software development kit includes a standard C compiler, hardware debugger tools, and a performance profiler for simplified application development.

Tesla S870 (2 Teraflops), will have a retail price of $12,000, and will be packed with four x8 series GPUs. Tesla D870 (1 Teraflop), will have two x8 series GPUs and NVIDIA will sell it for $7,500 beginning in August. The card will also be available in August, and it's called the Tesla C870 (518Gigaflops). It has one x8 series GPU and it will sell for $1499.

PC Perspective - NVIDIA Tesla High Performance Computing

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machinecity dedi ki...

it is far beyond my PIV 3.2GHz EM64T CPU.

It is actually 6.6 GFLOPS

i want one, no eight!

Adsız dedi ki...

Genial brief and this enter helped me alot in my college assignement. Say thank you you seeking your information.