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Antimatter Official

Antimatter is a band formed by Duncan Patterson (former bass player and songwriter of Anathema) and Mick Moss. The earlier Antimatter albums, Savior and Lights Out, focused on melodic vocal lines, dark electronica and balances on the borderline between gothic and trip hop while later works Planetary Confinement and Leaving Eden feature more of an acoustic based melancholic rock sound.

Shortly after the completion of Planetary Confinement, Patterson left the band. Moss continued and released the projects fourth album Leaving Eden, in the early months of 2007.


* Saviour (2000)
* A Dream for the Blind (2002)
* Lights Out (2003)
* Planetary Confinement (2005)
* Leaving Eden (2007)

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Look inside and find the parts
Bringing forth the lines of sanity
A broken mind and open heart
Torn apart without lucidity
Consummate and turn the page
Embrace the change from what you used to be
Procreate and fade away
I guess it's time to face your memories
Broken spirits open fears
Darksome shades combine fragility
Frigid smiles across the miles
Guilty eyes surmise asymmetry
Relapse on both sides of the tracks
Ashing back to taste the irony
Manipulate and slip away
Embrace the shame of what you used to be
Rain washed the panic from today
Decimation of anxiety
Tribulations drift away
Pray tomorrow offers clarity
Rain washed the panic from today
Affirmation of mortality
Trivialities astray
Pray tomorrow brings stability

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I had a dream, far away from here,
Far away from you, far from all the pain.
With strength in numbers, the sad betrayal braves,
Return to desecrate those memories again.
And there you were taking flowers from my grave...
And there you were stealing flowers from my grave...
I kiss the ground but I can hardly breathe,
As you scrape me from the pavement once again.
Safety in numbers, you thought I'd washed away,
But I'm still waiting for the rain...

machinecity dedi ki...

dark and melancholic...

which i like about them...